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Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice to protect oral health. What should be done for general oral cleaning is to clean the tongue with a tongue scraper first on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning. Then the oil pulling process may begin. Oil pulling practice should take from 5 to 20 minutes. 3 minutes will be enough for beginners. Incremental increase in time will be more effective. 1 teaspoon of oil is taken into the mouth with a scale. The oil is made in the form of a sucking motion by turning the oil on each surface of the mouth in turn and by moving the facial muscles. When you feel tired, relaxing the muscles and keeping them still will rest you. If jaw fatigue or pain occurs, it can be limited to 5-10 minutes.

Oil should not be spit into the sink as it may cause clogging of the pipes. Instead, the oil should be spit into a trash can or on a paper towel.

Since oil contains bacteria and toxins, ingestion of oil should be avoided while pulling oil.

Oil pulling enables the production of antioxidants that inhibit microorganisms that damage the cell wall.

Oil pulling prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, oral candidiasis and gum diseases, and provides strong oral hygiene.

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