Patients with Dental Anxiety

Anxiety is a general term for the body's reactions in situations that the mind perceives as a threat to life, such as fear, anxiety or not feeling safe.
Some of these reactions are nausea, sweating, panic, abnormal respiration, change in heart rate / rhythm, etc.

The causes of anxiety disorders are not clearly understood. However, it was maintained that factors such as traumatic events, stress, health problems, hereditary factors can trigger anxiety disorders.

Breathing and subconscious mind therapies recreate the feeling of being safe by changing the emotion and frequency that causes the source of all these states. It regulates body functions, heartbeat and breathing work in its normal rhythm. The mind calms down and gets away from thoughts such as fear and anxiety.

Thanks to our therapist at Nauda Biohealth Clinic, you will be able to reduce dental anxiety, feel carefree and safe. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the treatment.