Dental Specialist Naturopath Furkan Karamustafa was born in Istanbul. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Istabul, he got into the Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry and graduated from the same faculty after five years of undergraduate education. He took the speciality exam in dentistry (DUS) and won the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Dentistry. He successfully completed his specialization with his thesis study “Effect of adding different amounts of tea tree oil to acrylic resin materials on candida albicans inhibiton and surface roughness of materials” and received the title of Specialist Dentist.Having completed his speciality, he studied Naturopathy, a field of complementary medicine in which natural treatments are applied to help the body heal itself from the root causes of illnesses. In order to increase his competence in this field, he received two years of naturopathy training at the New Eden School of Natural Health&Herbal Studies in the United States. He did scientific research in the fields of complementary medicine, cancer, brain-gut relationship and supplement use.Having completed his education in the USA, he supported Naturall food supplements company as a R&D consultant. He took part in the development of formulations and the introduction of patented products in the field of food supplements for the first time in Turkey.Health starts in the mouth.” with the motto, after three years of intensive R&D work, he developed a Microbiome Friendly formula, the first active probiotic and antioxidant-containing toothpaste and other oral hygiene products produced in Turkey under the Probident brand.At the present time, he supports Greenorm Food and Consultancy Corporation as a R&D consultant. As R&D responsible, he carries out the activities of following the food supplement market up-to-date, scanning the latest scientific studies of the products, providing R&D services to companies on food supplements, formula consultancy and bringing successful and reliable products to the Turkish market.At the same time, as a member of IAOMT, he continues to treat with Smart amalgam removal certificate in addition to providing functional and aesthetic dentistry in his own clinic, Naudabiodentalcare, which he established in Ataköy, İstanbul.