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Tongue Cleaning

Studies show that in 85-90% of subjects, foul breath is caused by metabolic residues created by bacteria on the tongue surface.

These same bacteria are also involved in gum disease, plaque accumulation and tooth decay.

The back surface of the tongue creates a favorable environment for the proliferation of many harmful bacteria, because they do not leave their place with normal activity in the mouth. This area is drier than other parts of the mouth and tends to be poorly cleaned. Some of the substances that the bacteria feed on and small food residues can accumulate here.

A tongue scraper gently cleans the food sources as well as removing the bacteria found there. Therefore, tongue scraper is one of the most effective tools in the battle against bacteria.

Clinical studies have shown that daily use of a tongue scraper provides a significant reduction in anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath and other problems.

Another study compared a traditional tongue cleaner with a toothbrush. It was found that the toothbrush reduces the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath by 45%, while the tongue scraper reduces it by 75%.

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